Under knee bolster roll – pillow




Round under knee pillow for beauty salon – for your client comfort.

Professional round under knee pillow is something you need to have to please your client.

Vital during long beauty treatments like eyelash extensions.


Bolster Knee Roll is perfect shape and universal size. Have a positive effect on the relaxation of muscle tension and other tissue structures within the lower extremities. Relief Pain and support back during eyelash extensions treatment.

Will provide your client with maximum comfort and relaxation during a treatment that requires a lying position.


Careful sewing and made of high-quality foam, resistant to deformation, make the bolster durable and resistant.

Sheathing made of ecological leather allows foreasy disinfection and keeping the product clean.

Hypoallergenic-highly resistant to allergens, bacteria and molds.


Length: 24.8 inch / 63 cm
Diameter: 5.9 inch / 15 cm

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Under knee bolster roll – pillow