Under eyepads – lint free x10


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Lint free under eye gel patches.


Ergonomically Designed

Fit most people’s eye shape

Material: Hydrogel (Containing Collagenase, etc.)

Item Size: Approx. 7.6*2.9cm

Bag Size: Approx. 11 * 7cm / 4 * 3inch


Lint free surface to prevent tweezers catching on the fibers of the pad. Thick gel that provides strong adhesion without sacrificing comfort. Peels off painlessly and cleanly with no residue left behind on the customer’s skin. Ideal for protecting the skin and eyelashes during the application of eyelash extensions.

Skin irritation:

Contains very few chemicals, meaning skin irritation is very rare.


Perfect for both application and removal of eyelash extensions. Can be used either by itself or over the top of any of our medical tapes if required.


Each sachet is individually sealed and contains 2 under-eye lint-free gel patches.

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Under eyepads – lint free x10