Virgin Black Glue 5g NON-Cyanoacrylate


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VIRGIN BLACK lash glue by MonicaZet made without cyanoacryl

VIRGIN BLACK is a rare earth adhesive for any moisture content.


Recommended for volumizing eyelash styling as well as classic method.

Capacity: 5ml


    Temperature: 20-25° C

    Humidity: 35-70%

   Drying time: 0.5 -1 seconds

  Binding length: up to 6-8 weeks

  Evaporation: low



Polyacrylate, Ethanol, Aqua, Benzoic acid , Charcoal Powder



Our all adhesives should be kept in a darkened, cool place in a specially designed Magic Pack protective pouch or glue jar. Glue should be well capped after use to avoid rapid oxidation. Glue claims are accepted up to 1 week from date of purchase.

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Virgin Black Glue 5g NON-Cyanoacrylate