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Lamination Lotion for Brow Lamination set

Lamination Lotion is the first of the preparations from the Brow Lamination set, responsible for the arrangement and nourishment of natural eyebrow hair.

Responsible for softening and caring for the hair, it deeply penetrates into their structure to allow them to be arranged and then preserve the effect.

It contains substances responsible for rebuilding the hair structure. Makes eyebrows soft and easy to style.

Together with the preparation, we recommend the use of an osmotic foil, which will additionally enhance the obtained effect.


Apply the lamination lotion on the eyebrows, cover with the osmotic foil and wait 5-8 minutes, then remove the foil and remove the preparation with a dry applicator.


Recommended for professional use.


INCI: Water; Plant extract; Protein; Essence

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Lamination Lotion – Brow lamination Noble Brow