KING Adhesive 3g


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King Adhesive 3g

Eyelash Extension Glue for Lash Artists for those who require a slower drying glue. In extreme high temperatures this glue stands the test of time!

  • Drying time approx 1- 2 sec
  • Works well in low or high humidity (40%-70%)
  • Works in temperature 20-25°C
  • Black in colour
  • Suitable for Classic or Volume Application
  • 100% Cruelty-free
  • Once opened we recommend using within 1 month for the best performance and results.

For professional use ONLY

Health and Safety Advice

Always put a drop of water or primer onto your old glue dot to cure and encapsulate the fumes so to reduce over exposure.

Using your glue on a glass holder/jade stone, rather than a glue ring, will reduce over exposure.

The King Eyelash Extension Glue is not to come into contact with the skin as this can cause irritation.

Sould be kept in a cool and dry place.

Ensure that you are keeping the nozzle of the glue clean and free of excess, dried glue, this can be done in between drop applications.

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KING Adhesive 3g