Bio Cleaner with Rosemary


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Bio Cleaner with Rosemary scent

Biocleaner with rosemary extract replaces the traditional cleaner and primer. Cleans, degreases and moisturizes natural eyelashes. Rosemary extract provides adequate hydration necessary for bonding cyanoacrylate glue. The combination of ingredients ensures longer-lasting effects of the application.

Ingredients: alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, aqua, rosmarinus extract, limonene

How to use:

After you wash lashes with shampoo, apply a drop of Biocleaner onto microbrush and use  same technique as with cleanser onto natural lashes. Biocleaner will thoroughly degrease and prepare natural lashes before application.


BioCleaner is an original product by Monica Zet LASH + BROW product. Made in Spain from natural ingredients.


12ml bottle

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Bio Cleaner with Rosemary